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Good people still exist

This actually happened to me!

The last few days have been exceedingly stressful, tense and disappointing for a lot of us. The elections have not gone the way we anticipated and as it stands right now we could see five years of Darth Cameron and his corrupt cronies eradicating anyone with under a six figure income.

I like to consider myself a realist which often gets confused with pessimist but little did I know that I was about to be genuinely saved by a total stranger from yet more stress on voting day.

I had set off around eleven thirty to collect my cousin from Cinderford, she had just finished work and various members of the family had been taking her to and from her job there as it was the only job she could get and she doesn’t drive. When I arrived at Chepstow I stopped at the petrol station to put in some fuel. I put £20 in and made my way into the shop. I impulsively grabbed a chocolate bar (as I always do) and approached the counter.

I put in my card, entered my pin and waited a few seconds. There was a beep and the worst word that could come up on a PDQ machine ‘declined’. By now there were a few people behind me all waiting to pay. My stomach dropped with a heavy thud as I realised that I was in a predicament, I figured to buy some time I would go and check the cash machine outside. I was already planning on who to call to help me out of the situation. I got the machine and was about to put my card in when I noticed that the shop keeper was gesturing me to go back to the store.

Confused I went back into the store expecting the person behind me to also be having problems with the machine. Instead the lady that had been stood behind me said “It looked like you were having a bad time so I paid for your fuel”

I looked at her stunned for a few seconds, trying to find the words to say. Then she picked up the chocolate bar and said “and this. I figured I’d try one of those random act of kindness things”

I finally came out with “Thank you so much, I don’t know what else to say”

She replied with “Don’t say anything, just accept it” and off she went.

It took two days to sink in that this really happened, but it did and it saved me a lot of hassle and I am eternally grateful for whoever that lady was. This experience has increased my faith in humanity, it’s also made me more committed to allowing pedestrians to cross when I am driving and to hold doors open more often!

I wanted to share this event because given the incredibly dark times we are about to enter it was so refreshingly unexpected and incredible to have something completely randomly good happen by choice of someone else.

Thank you Mrs. Lady!

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