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Death & Tax Evasion

His Name was Brian Mcardle

From Iain to 13 year old Kieran

He was a stroke victim left paralysed down his left side, unable to speak properly, blind in one eye and could barely eat or dress but an ATOS assessment deemed him ‘fit for work’. Brian’s 13 year old son later informed the press that his father had had another stroke the day before his appointment at the job centre caused from the stress of the situation, however Brian was determined to attend as he had been asked.
The day after his appointment his benefits were ceased, Brian suffered a major heart attack in the street near his home in Larkhall, Lanarkshire and sadly died.
Brian’s son wrote to the DWP urging them to change their system claiming that they were responsible for his father’s death and that they were literally killing people. The response from Iain Duncan Smith was distasteful, cold hearted, offensive and fucking disgraceful (pictured left).

Yet we are led to believe that the people who claim benefits only do so because they choose to do so, people feel that it must somehow be more dignifying and a more easy way of life if you’re on benefits. Far more dignifying than going out and working up the career ladder and being able to support you and your family, allegedly.
In any situation you will find a minority of people who will take advantage of the system. From the kid who wants to be Monopoly banker and always seems to win to the guy who knows a guy who does *wink* MOTs, but in the instance of benefit fraud the actual figures fiercely outweigh the government’s reasons to attack those who are on benefits.

Look at the figures below, do the priorities seem to match the figures? Here are some of the culprits:

Is it me, or are the priorities all wrong?

Is it me, or are the priorities all wrong?

Starbucks have paid no tax on their recent £400,ooo,ooo profit. No tax at all, £0.

Google managed to cough up £6,000,000 in tax from a profit of £395,000,000. How could they not find the tax office? They’re good, they know where everything is!


Caffe Nero owe a hefty tax bill, Cadbury avoided a £60,000,000 tax bill by moving their headquarters to Switzerland!

Ebay avoided their £50,000,000 by channeling their funds via Luxemburg and Apple have paid less than 2% tax! TWO PERCENT! That’s less than the average battery life of the iPhone.

The revenue generated by our central government is primarily from income tax, National Insurance contributions, VAT, corporation tax and fuel duty. Anyone with a car knows how expensive it is to buy fuel but there is no option to just not pay the duty on it, you have to. When you buy something in the shop you pay the 20% VAT you don’t avoid it, you can’t. So why is it okay for enormous corporations to avoid corporation tax? In fact, how is it even an option for large companies to avoid paying tax?

We are in a situation now where some jobs will see you receiving less money than if you were on benefits. With the rise in zero hour contracts and mandatory volunteering for ‘work experience’ regardless of whether or not you have a job, you will still be earning very little and being taxed a very lot!

For example Janet, a single mother of two is trying to earn enough money to support her family. She is working as many hours a week as she can get but it is not enough. She is then able to get some ‘cash in hand’ work which sees her being able to stock up the food cupboard or get gas AND electric for a change. If Janet is caught doing this without declaring the second income she could face going to prison. If she declares her second income she will be heavily taxed to a point where it’s almost not even worth having two jobs. Janet could be prosecuted for fraud and go to prison for ten years, just for trying to support her family. Consequently her children would be cast into the system and not only be deprived of a mother but also ironically cost the tax payer more money.

But if Janet was a multi-million pound corporation and she paid just 1% of her tax to the country on her £11,000,000,000 empire she could get away scot free! In fact Iain Duncan Smith and all of the other twats would have Janet over for dinner.

Despite this you can’t leave the house without seeing an iPhone or an iPad, people are still happy enough to buy a Cockachino in Starbucks, so happy in fact that they photograph the coffee with their iPhone and share it with Google! ‘Quick, a staff member wrote my name on the coffee, let me celebrate this tiny, obligatory, token gesture from the company that does not pay tax’ – Just remember that, one day when your little child looks up at you and says ‘mummy (or daddy) why have all the leisure centres and libraries and museums closed down?’ Just remember that you will have to look into their sweet, innocent eyes and say ‘mummy and daddy endorsed companies that never paid tax, so the government had to close down all of the public sector organisations’. How that small child will cry and cry as he realises just how bleak the world is and that you can’t really learn fuck all from Pinterest.

But despite all of this, if the woman down the road is using a Foodbank to survive the week it must be because she’s a benefit cheat and nothing to do with the mass of unpaid taxes or in fact the enormous sum of money that we lent not donated to the banking system. It’s okay that the elderly are freezing to death in the sheltered bungalows that the government are selling from under them to make way for ‘affordable Oligarch apartments from £100,000,000,000’ – no, it’s okay for that to happen, just the same as it’s okay for bankers to receive combined bonuses of around £3,400,000,000! A bonus for what? Being massive, irresponsible, super twats in expensive suits? Because that’s all they are, twats in suits. They’re fucking everywhere right now.

I’ve seen so many people on popular social media sites post comments like “It’s not an issue for me personally, I work for my money.” – Yeah, great, go you. This is all well and good but you’re assuming once again that people choose to live on benefits. What about the elderly who have been robber of their pensions? They can’t work anymore and they’ve paid their dues but what now? Fuck them? Let them freeze?

What about the people who physically cannot get up in the morning, or people who can’t face the anxiety of stepping into an office? What about people who might get one good day out of six? What about the parents who can’t find work and have children to feed? Shall we just ignore them and keep drinking the coffee that WE pay tax on but the makers of it don’t? Shall we just use our iPhones to photograph the Food-banks and share them on Instragram with a cool filter that makes everything look cool?

No. We shouldn’t.

With the way our country stands now I believe that it is vital for us to have compassion for one another, we need to understand that there is a lot more than just ‘a victory and a loss’ with the government, our rights are at jeopardy, the survival of the vulnerable are at jeopardy and lives are at stake.

We need to direct our anger at the right people but at the same time be there for those around us, let the twats in suits see that can take them down together because we care about one another. Everyone needs to remember that we are all just people, human people. We are all the same, with the same needs and requirements and I don’t wish it upon anyone but I don’t think the twats in suits would like their nanna’s freezing to death in prefabs or having to rely on food donations.

Those who walk and do not think should not abandon those who think but do not walk – Anonymous.



Article written by Ponkahonkus. 

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