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Mr Worsley Saves Countryside from Housing Developers

A farmer from West Sussex called Robert Worsley is making a stand against housing contractors that want to build on his ancient farmland. Mr Worsley has turned down an offer of 275 million pounds and has become a local hero to the people of West Sussex, the nation and to us here at The Shonk too.

The housing developing giant Mayfield want to build a small town of 10,000 houses on Mr Worsley’s land but he has refused their money on the grounds that it would ruin people’s “enjoyment of the countryside”.

Mr Worsley’s 550 acres of land is currently worth in the region of 2.5 million pounds and the fat-cats at Mayfield have offered him 100 times its value and still he refuses to budge. “There is evidence of a settlements on this land that date back to 500 BC, who am I to think that I could sell it off?”

We, at The Shonk, applaud Mr Worsley for his opposition to the new build and would encourage as many people as possible to show their support by sharing this article and commenting below. Hopefully, Mr Worsley will read it and know that our nation stands united behind him.

The once forested isle that is our homeland needs more good people like Mr Worsley to make a stand against these big corporations that feel that they can bully us into submission and buy our beloved countryside for something as insubstantial as money. Mr Worsley was reported saying: “We are being bullied, but we will not afraid to stand up to them.”

Standing up to bullies and bureaucrats is what The Shonk newspaper is all about. We want raise awareness of inequality, injustice, corruption and to the champion decent folk of our nation.

If we, the people, stand united then there is nothing we cannot achieve together.

If you know of a story that the corrupt and bias media isn’t reporting or if you know of any unsung-heroes in your community that you would like to see championed then feel free to contact us at The Shonk or write an article yourself and send it in!

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Mr Shonk.

p.s don’t forget to share this great story of one man’s fight against the housing developers.

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