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Extra! Extra! – Poem For Our Times

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80s celebs in kiddie-porn shocker

Government taxing working wage

Singer starlet pops out knocker

Tits have moved to the front page


Al Qaeda take back Iraq

Thailand plane goes missing

Oxbridge schoolboy in terror attack

Same-sex couples kissing


Child abuse hush-up: MPs guilty

Top cop found in possession

NHS staff cuts: coffers empty

Ride double-dip recession


Footy star caught in cocaine bender

Ban zero hour contracts

Church shame funding payday lender

PM issues bedroom tax


Scottish vote for independence

New born baby Royal

Easter service: Queen in attendance

BP tanker spills out oil


Sportsman lied in courtroom summons

Million pound bonus bankers

Front bench sleep in House of Commons

Arseholes, fat-cats, w**kers

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