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Hopkins Isn’t the Problem She’s a Symptom

Also, this month's T.W.A.T Winner!

Good day to you, sirs, madams, and non-gendered pronouns everywhere.

Today we shall take a quick look into the foul-mouthed, cess-spewing, claptrapery and general bitch-wizardry that is Katie Hopkins. However you might feel about Katie Hopkins, you cannot deny she is making a name for herself in the ever-highbrow world of social media. Admittedly, we all know what that word is – it begins with a “C” ends with a “T” and has a “U” and an “N” in the middle. (It’s not the name of that Danish King from the 10th Century).

My first question is: Who is this woman? I was previously unaware of her existence until a friend mentioned her in a verbal string of abuse that contained no less than 279 syllables of which at least 173 of which were either “fuck” “fucking” “skag” or “bitch”. Whoa! I thought to myself, what could somebody have done to incite such intense hatred? Surely, there must have been some misunderstanding?

Then I googled her.

Holy sweet mother Jesus! I was not ready for that.

After literally seconds of research, I can now categorically state and confirm that the aforementioned string of abuse was perfectly warranted in her case, and, which is more, I think you’ll find it hard to pick somebody that deserves it more than this… woman. I paused because I’m not sure Miss Hopkins qualifies. It would be a disservice to all womankind to continue to speak of this hate-filled, horse-faced, ignoramus in the same breath, so I won’t. She is a witch. A turd-slinging, unfettered mouthpiece of idiocy and to be perfectly honest writing this article feels like a waste of not only mine time but the time of my potential readers.

I apologise in advance but I have a little more to say.

Why is this woman worthy of news? Why is she semi-famous? Why is she given the time of day? As far as I’m aware Katie Hopkins was a contestant on The Apprentice and she didn’t even win. Since then, she has kept herself in the newspapers by being a loud-mouthed fuckwit. Barely a day goes by in which she does not make some hideously bigoted comment or racial outburst. She repeatedly and aggressively targets and taunts other celebrities with what is tantamount to psychological torture. This shit-slinging hag and hate-monger is making a living from abusing people and the media love/hate her for it.

My request:

What I’m going to ask each of you to do is to turn away, turn her off, stop looking, stop listening, stop commenting, stop laughing, stop cringing, stop retaliating. It is the only way to beat somebody like this – with cold, hard indifference. Like Dr Frankenstein, we (society) have created a monster. We have allowed Miss Hopkins (and others like her) to find footholds of power within media and social media platforms. We have allowed it because we revel in sensationalism, we revel in gossip and reading about the tawdry lives of hyped-up nobodies and trash celebs. We feed these people hand over fist by paying them attention and we have to stop it.

Were is the need for truth? Where is the need for justice? Where is the love and community spirit that our grandparents still remember? Why do we allow the media giants and governments to control us with misdirection and double-speak. We allow them to beguile us with shiny trinkets and loud noises while our basic human rights are yanked out from underneath or feet.

Katie Hopkins is not the problem here, she is just a symptom of the illness that has spread across our country. She is nothing more than a cancerous tumour that needs lancing like the puss-filled deathbag that she is. The bigger picture begins to swallows us when we glimpse it, and we need to work together if we hope to be able to change it.

Who will make change happen if not us?

Who will stand with me and fight to be heard?

If we cared as much about truth, justice and equality as much as we care about who Katie Price is wearing at her umpteenth wedding then we would all live in a better world. If we could just start somewhere – find the thread – start the fire – act.

(I’m trying).

I hope you can try too.

Thank you for reading. I’m sorry you have to hear it from me, but it’s best you hear it sooner rather than later.


Agent X

“Get up. Stand up. Don’t give up the fight.” (Bob Marley)

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