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Dan Deacon, philosophy and music combined with his mystery box

Duke gives a listen to Dan Deacon

It was a normal morning in the Duke household, the washing machine was singing and Radio 6 was winding its way around the house only to be drowned out by the morning sounds of mum’s lethargic cleaning. I was sound asleep but unfortunately this was cut short by my bedroom door being flung wide open and my mum bursting into the room exclaiming that I just had to go downstairs and listen to a song that she had just heard, I just had to.
So I donned my Superman dressing gown and grabbed my Adventure Time mug and muddled myself down the stairs to the kettle, attempting to ignore my mum’s impatient commands to go straight into the living room.
By the time I had taken the tea bag out I was already starting to hate whoever did the song purely because I was being nagged to listen to it. I settled down on the sofa with my lovely mug of tea and mum played the track. The track was: When I was Done Dying by Dan Deacon

Mum had it turned up to 11 on her fancy speakers and as I sat back I became hypnotised by the building, rolling and gathering momentum of the track, picking up momentum like a train, but not getting faster, does that make sense? It does now. The video, courtesy of Adult Swim is fantastically hypnotic and awesome, I don’t think I blinked worse.

As the cacophony of immaculate and warm synth notes whirled around the room drifting neatly into my ears all plentiful and cosy I felt content and enlightened. I don’t think I even really heard the words the first time around but the fantastic blend of simplistic electro, mono-twankbolic bass and touches of tribal styled drums and percussion were all I needed to be transported to a place of wonderful nothing.

Straight away I had to check this guy out, who is this Dan Deacon? Where has he come from? What does he want?

Well, he’s a cool lumberjack looking dude, perhaps he’s getting ready to audition for series 3 of Twin Peaks! Maybe he just likes it, either way I’m not judging him on his kickass threats. The guy is an electro-genius, the footage of him live is kick ass. He has this big mother fucking rig thing that’s all buttons, noise and mystery and he interactions with the audience like no one else I’ve seen. Encouraging them to join him on stage to dance, encouraging competitions and generally being a cool dude.
How refreshing! Not only that, you go on his website and he gives you the option to buy or steal his work, it’s entirely up to you. I mean, who does that these days?

It’s early days so I am still listening to his tracks and getting used to what they are and whatnot, I strongly suggest you listen to ‘Feel The Lightening’ it’s a brilliant track and the video is fantastic, they must have had great fun making it (he is ALL about fun, check out this video and the track that goes with it) and it gives you some insight into what goes on in your house when everyone is out.


Keep it up Dan Deacon, you are a legend!


Photo credit: Frank Hamilton

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