Blah Blah:

Man doesn’t sing a song!

While a nation crashes asunder.

Today I awoke to a divided nation. Two tribes had gone to war over the single most important event in British politics’ history.

Corbyn refuses to sing a song. Divides nation!

A man didn’t sing a song.

That’s right, I’m not joking. The newly elected leader of the Labour party, and the opposition, had the audacity not to sing a song.

But it’s to respect those who died in wartimes you say?
Well, we all respect our dead in various ways. Standing in a respectful silence as Corbyn did should suffice and would have, had he not been the Labour leader. The other two people that seem to be also stood in silence hasn’t had so much a footnote.
Perhaps we should take Cameron’s advice on decorum during a memorial?


Maybe not…


How about some pointers from the Tory Backbenchers, heard sniggering when Corbyn read out names from publicly crowdsourced PMQs?
There’s no mention of respecting soldiers in our national anthem. Only a line about crushing rebellious Scots. Good thing they’re not a part of our great land….oh wait.

Oh, but it’s our national anthem you cry?
Corbyn is Agnostic and a Republican. Why should he sing a song about a non-specific deity that he doesn’t believe in; which apparently saves a woman in a petition of power from the lottery of her birth? (But God will only save the Queen, sod the staving kids in Africa or the people fleeing war-zones). Would it be fair to ask a Muslim MP to sing God save the Queen?
Meanwhile, in an alternative universe, Jeremy Corbyn sings the national anthem (Despite being a republican) and battles a tirade of headlines of: “Hypocrite Corb sings Anthem he hates.” He really can’t win.

The Sun bellowed out: “Corb Snubs The Queen.
Let us not forget the time when The Sun was caught hacking into royal phones just to leak a knee injury.
Or the time when News Corp hacked Millie Dowler’s phone and deleted texts giving hope to her family that she was still alive.
I could go on, but you get the gist. The Sun has no moral high-ground to stand on.
During the lead-up to the Labour election, the Corbyn snubs began to feel desperate; like the bottom of the barrel had already began to feel a few scrapes. The denizens of internet took so much glee with this farce, that the #Suggestacorbynsmear was born. A collection of the finest of British humour mocking the ludicrous tone of the right wing press. But since Corbyn’s election win, it’s become more insane. I swear, it feels like I’ve stumbled into an episode of the Thick of It being directed by the makers of Ballamory. This last week of politics has had more spin than a washing machine and would have made more sense if everyone in suits talked like children from the Haribo advert.

I hate being one of the tin-foil hat enthusiasts, but it struck me earlier during Corbyn’s PMQs. He’s the first, real, no-nonsense politician (that has a chance to be leader) for a long time. He actually focuses on the crux of the matter without resorting to Ad Hominem and should give a critical opposition to the well rehearsed trite of the Tories.
So the only logical way I can conclude the reason for this childish tone of the right-wing media, is to make the whole event into a big farce. Make the very idea of talking about politics seem like nonsense.
Dragging into the debate on how Corbyn dresses or refusing to sing a song undermines the brevity that the topic of politics brings. Turning any discussion into a circus show will force the moderately interested completely bored by the act.
Focus on the heart of the matter and ignore the chaff.

For those who wish to comment on how a song is more than just a song, can find the lyrics here before they want to waffle on without knowing it themselves.

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