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The Delusionment of Military Heroism

A Recent Social Media Issue

A general view shows damaged buildings and debris in Deir al-Zor, June 13, 2013.Picture taken June 13, 2013. REUTERS/Khalil Ashawi (SYRIA - Tags: CONFLICT) - RTX10N7S

The current global refugee crisis has seen the rearing of many ugly heads as debates, discussions and opinion has taken to every form of Media on the planet. On one hand it has seen the coming together of large groups of people to offer help and aid to refugees. Individuals have used social media to help gather much needed supplies which have then been taken to voluntary storage centres before being transported to the many refugee camps that have been established.

However we have also seen a mass of negativity as deluded patriots have bandied together to proclaim their xenophobic beliefs and statements about how Britain is full and all of our jobs are at risk.

Run of the mil racism will sadly always be commonplace for as long as people read the likes of The Sun or The Daily Mail, those that read these over glorified hate filled paraphernalia lack self awareness, they’re trapped in an egg of ignorance and it’s up to us to attempt to have them hatch out as self aware, compassionate and rational human beings.

My social media was dominated by a different kind of proclamation, instead I was seeing a lot of posts relating to ex military personnel and how helping them must at this very moment in time be a priority. Specifically a priority over that of helping any refugees.

There’s been a lot of weight behind this campaign of helping those who were formerly in the military including a Landlord offering one of his properties rent free for three months to an ex soldier who was living on the streets. Chris Foxall, the landlord put out a post on social media offering the property, the post went viral with over 45,000 shares and the someone has now been allocated the house.

Not only has Chris Foxall now known as a national hero he is also responsible for other landlords across the country following suit and offering their vacant properties to ex-servicemen as well.

This is a brilliant example of how people can come together on social media and help people in need, much like those asking for aid for refugees.

I wholeheartedly agree that more should be done for people who have served in the military, I think that people are lured into joining the military under false pretences or as a last resort. You never see an advert on the television asking you to join the army so that you can murder people in cold blood because someone tells you to. That’s what the military is, it’s fucking traumatising. It doesn’t matter where you sit within the military, you are a cog that drives the big killing machine.

You would think that soldiers who have served in middle eastern war torn countries would understand why there were so many refugees doing anything they could to escape. You would think that the physical and mental stress of a soldier and a refugee would at times be on par, when the only thing that matters is your survival. The mission means nothing, it’s fight, flight or death.

But over here people want to prioritise who gets help. It shouldn’t work like that, besides when you get down to the nitty gritty why should the person responsible for destroying the home of the refugee get help? There’s nothing heroic about the military. It’s sugar coated killing that you join voluntarily. People aren’t plucked out of their homes at random to go and serve their country. People decide to join the military, it’s one of the many joys of free will.

What people need to realise is that the government doesn’t give a fuck about people in the military. You only need to look at what General Haig got away with to see that they have no regard for the ‘foot soldiers’. If you come back from the middle east with a missing leg, that’s an occupational hazard. You joined knowing the risks, you have no one to blame but yourself. That’s the government’s take on it, that’s why people who have served their time in the military don’t get any help. Because the people with the purse strings don’t care. For the price of a fighter jet think how much aid could be provided for have served.

It’s all part of the same giant tedious circle. Only when this circle is broken will we see fair and plentiful aid being provided to anyone who needs it. Breaking the circle might see an end to the destruction we cause that results in refugees asking for our help.

No one in the military fights ‘for our country’ they fight for control and assets. We’re just told that that is what they do because it sounds better than ‘they fight because we pay them to fight, no questions asked.’

I genuinely feel sorry for people who have gone into the army and come out the other end completely destroyed. No one can ever be prepared for that.

But it doesn’t make you a hero and it doesn’t make you anymore deserving than the family whose house you just destroyed.


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