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I’ve never wanted a Daily Mail article to be totally true, until now.

With worries that the rest of Black Mirror would also retroactively become a documentary, I took to Twitter as #Piggate reached it’s peak. I was fortunate enough to catch the front pages for the next morning’s papers being dissected on Sky News; The presenters shuffled through the various papers covering topics of Corbyn’s railway plans (and his trousers), Greece’s election, Jackie Collin’s death, the Pope and Dementia but tactfully skipped over the Daily Mail.
The BBC also neglected to feature the Mail’s headlines on their website. I was becoming sceptical, perhaps I was being too harsh on the media. Maybe the story is too frivolous for these highly respected news outlets for them to… oh no wait, here’s some people putting a pair of underpants on a flagpole. Both news channels broadcasted this story.

The Daily Mail did flash for a few moments while the presenters of the show reminded us that “No10 will not be commenting on any of the allegations in the paper.”  I guess promises of an in/out referendum sounds a tad out of order now, doesn’t it?

We all saw the spin of the century in last week’s news surrounding Corbyn with what felt like the whole British media was channelling a toddler tantrum against the Labour leader. But if it had been Corbyn who was embroiled in this scandal, would we have had such an embargo for one specific paper? Would the BBC and Sky both have avoided this story like they have so far?

Some Tory fans took to social media to try to justify Cameron’s actions. Like Louise Mensch for instance:

I guess the Bullington club could be referred to their ham salad days.


Bare in mind, this is the woman who tried to smear Corbyn by accidentally tweeting her own search history.


That’s what you get when you forget to install a dart board in the student pub.


Because heaven forbid that we would scrutinise the actions of an MP before they became a member of the commons. I’m sure that Corbyn was entirely responsible for his great-great-grandfather’s actions in VICTORIAN TIMES!
I really enjoyed how Corbyn handled his first PMQs last week, and I totally agree that the spectacle we see in parliament is far to theatrical. But a little part of me hopes that Corbyn asks questions from the public about #Piggate. I want the entire opposition to just waltz into the commons singing I Got You Babe. I want Corbyn to mock a Freudian slip and call Dave “Hameron”. I want to see some of the childish nonsense in the other direction on the political spectrum to get it all out of the way for some real, serious debate.  But for now, let’s wallow in the mud… I mean joy, of Piggate.

Hunter Thompson

Technically, it’s unprovable libel. However, Cameron probably won’t sue, but he might Sooie!




EDIT 10:35.

Sky and BBC have both shared articles on their respective websites about the story, but neglecting to mention any pigs. It’s been the most enjoyable game of which paper supports the Tories in living memory.

If you’re in for a good laugh, the Daily Mail’s comments concerning this issue is quite hilarious with the die hard Tory supporters trying to make the whole ordeal as a normal part of growing up, that the sins of his past shouldn’t be brought up like this. Yet it was all okay when Corbyn’s past was being dug up?
Few are making the same claim the Shonk has, that if it had been Corbyn, every paper and news outlet would have covered it.
It’s been a very weird week in politics. I need to sty down… Lay down.

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