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Robin ‘in the’ Thicke of it

Judges decision is warning to singer!

It’s been around four years since ‘pop singer’ Robin Thicke Cunt, aka Robin Thicke released his track blurred lines but it has taken up until now for a judge to decide just what the track really means for the ‘singer’.

Honorable Justice Judge Givern Phucklus from The Shonk Institute of Speculative Academia has concluded that the singer of the shit track has in fact condoned himself being raped. “It’s quite fascination really” remaked H.J.J Phucklus “not the track itself, but what Mr. Cunt has achieved with the language of the song. By condoning that it is acceptable to sexually harass someone on the grounds that you think that they have dressed provocatively simply means that if a potential rapist were to make such moves onto Mr. Cunt he would, in fact not have a leg to stand on in the court of law” H.J.J Phucklus also added “I do not condone rape at all, it’s grotesque and vile. However I would suggest to any would be rapists out there that they make Mr. Cunt their next target as he seems totally cool with it, anyone from a lone male to a group of large burley men can have their way with him with zero ramifications. As shit and as insulting and offensive as the song is, it might have just done society a big favour.”

An analysis of the track can be found below:


But you’re an animal (Here is admission that one’s primal urges can overtake social mores and our institutionalized code of ethics, he’s basically saying it’s fine, expect it)
Baby, it’s in your nature (again reiterating the point that we are all animals and so his behaviour is acceptable)
Just let me liberate you (Implying sexual interaction will ‘free’ the subject from their mental cage of social entrapment)
You don’t need no papers (It doesn’t matter who you are, he is coming for you)
That man is not your maker (Drop all of your faith, hope and belief in anything that you stood for because once again, he is coming for you)
And that’s why I’m gon’ take a (Thus he begins his sexual impropriety, under the belief that it is acceptable)


Researchers are currently trying to establish why someone who is in a position of fame and fortune would have come to think that this sort of behaviour is okay. It really isn’t, but if you’re going to do it, do it to Robin Thicke.

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