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Town Meeting Concluded ‘Positively’

CTT vote withdrawn!

Following our Report on the recent political activity in Caldicot, South Wales we are pleased to hear that the meeting which took place on Thursday ended in a positive manner.
The Town Council of Caldicot had voted ‘no confidence’ in Monmouthshire County Council and a local Community Interest Company The Caldicot Town Team.
Members of the TC and CTT attended however no representatives from MCC. The argument from the TC was that communication had broken down and they didn’t like the idea of not being kept up to date with progress surrounding projects operated and watched over by CTT. Aaron Reeks the lead representative of CTT used the opportunity of the meeting to bring them and the 37 members of the public up to speed with everything that was taking place.
Overall everyone seemed content with the news and it was Agreed between the two organisations that communication will be improved from here on out. Caldicot Town Council have decided to rescind the vote of no confidence against the CTT but not the MCC which is completely understandable.
It came to light during several points that MCC were accountable for updates and progress but as they did not send a representative they could not answer these pressing queries.

One councillor did suggest however that MCC should be more involved with CTT as they felt that the members that make up the CTT require professional assistance to achieve their goals.

The outcome however is ultimately positive and from this there is an opportunity for both organisations to work in tandem, after all they have the same goals, to improve the community, infrastructure and reputation of Caldicot.

The Shonk backs any project that thrives on creating positive change. From positivity we can only breed more positivity so it stands to reason that it’s a sensible stance to take.

We agree that all organisations that are either public sector or exist with a priority to improve and work with the community should be transparent and honest. For one it shows that the organisation is doing what it has set out to achieve and it also helps instil confidence in the community that they operate. Any organisation established to benefit the community (especially when the organisation relies on public funds) needs to be clear on what it plants to implement, how and why. CTT were able to provide this information in a clear and concise way and all of this information is available from them.

We look forward to watching the progress of Caldicot and are happy to see that this matter has come to a close.
Cheers to positive change!

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