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BREXIT – The Cereal Bar of Lies

Closing Words to Our EU Campaign


There are less than 7 hours left until we can vote in the referendum. In less than 24 hours we will know whether our country will remain a member of a union of countries or whether it will withdraw into the unknown to focus on self-harm as the metaphorical blade of Tory corruption pierces the skin of the oppressed to drain our blood, ie. money.

‘But we want our country back’ say the Brexiteers. “Back from who?” We ask. You see, it is the Monarchy that ‘own’ the United Kingdom. Oddly enough, they were never elected to take on this job, they merely took it for themselves and we, the people have had to deal with it. The Queen represents the sovereignty that Brexiteers so desperately wish to re-instate, setting aside the fact that it is some 14,000 treaties with NATO that restrict our sovereignty and NOT the EU.

It is interesting that Brexiteers wish to leave the EU on the grounds of ‘non elected law makers’. This shows a distinct lack of knowledge in how laws are made and even though we have had quite a run-up leading to this referendum it is painstakingly surprising to see how many people haven’t even bothered to look into this.

Our government may propose a law but until it goes to the unelected supreme court (formerly House of Lords) it means nothing. These middle aged, middle class, middle minded lords and ladies sit in their chambers assessing each and every word, sending it back and forth for refining until they accept it. Then it goes along to the Queen and it is ultimately up to her for decide whether or not to let it pass because after al she is still the ACTUAL Queen. That said, she has never declined a law to pass as it would go against the very DEMOCRACY that was called for when the Monarchy handed over governmental power to the people. In certain cases the Queen’s Council (unelected) can suggest further amendments to the legislation which means it has to go back to The Supreme Court and Parliament. 

The EU is broken up into the following:  European Council made up of elected heads of state. The Council of Ministers who are nominated by member states, and an elected parliament. The European Commission is for all intent and purposes the administrative arm of the EU and is made up of the equivalent of a public servant. No one in the EC are elected but guess what, no one in the Civil Service in Britain is elected either and it has always been that way. Brexiteers are voting to leave a system that we literally use at home, in fact there are 393,000 civil servants in the UK and 55,000 in the EC so we even have MORE unelected personnel than the system people apparently hate.

“Our economy is the fifth largest in the world” – Yes, this is true, for now. Also it might have a lot to do with the fact that over 50% of our exported goods go to countries in the EU. In fact the top countries that the UK export to are: France, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland & The USA. Now Brexiteers keep assuring us that trade deals can and will be secured after we leave the EU but one thing that they CANT say is WHAT agreements, WHEN will they be setup and WHAT they will entail. They just don’t know. My question is, if we live in a free trade world at the moment why haven’t these trade Agreements already been made?

Could it be to do with the likes of Obama telling us that he has no interest in setting up a new trade deal? Or Norway telling us that we are looking for a bad deal if we want to follow them?

What about ALLLLLLllll of the immigrants?

What about them Mr. Brexit? Are we talking about the immigrants who take our jobs and access some sort of extra upgraded benefit system at the same time?

It is interesting because a Brexiteer will hark on about the war like it has any relevance with 21st century politics. “We!” they start, it’s always ‘we’ but half the time they weren’t even there. “We won the war, we saved everyone, we are strong on our own” – However, if you mention to a Brexiteer that since the dawn of humanity humans have moved freely around the world, they lose their shit. “That is not relevant” they will say. What is more relevant, the destructive forces of war or an entire existence worth of free movement?

The irony of a Brexiteer clutching a kebab after a day of watching the Euro-cup and drinking foreign beer whilst at the same time telling me that we don’t need any sort of foreign influence is ludicrous.

Here are some things that immigrants have helped with in the past:

  • Bringing over wheat farming techniques
  • Bringing over the concept of drinking vessels
  • Bringing over the modern dwelling concept
  • Bringing science, democracy, language
  • Bringing cuisine, literature and art
  • Standing side by side with the UK in times of great war
  • Bringing a workforce and crucial members of communities big and small
  • Fashion
  • Basically everything.

“The EU is to blame for the fact that there is no production in Britain anymore”

What a load of bollocks. Brexit are campaigning for a free market, we already have a free market and guess what? When you have a free market you CANNOT dictate which businesses can exist, you cannot dictate where a business can operate from, you can’t tell the business how many people or WHO to employ. All you can do is make sure that the business operates legally and looks after its staff. However, Brexiteers feel that the EU is solely responsible for the lack of production that exists nowadays, they tend to be talking about the motor industry and the steel industry.

The truth is, globalisation has been realised so fucking deal with it. What right as a country do we have to dictate who can and can’t have ‘the production’ industry? What right do we have to insist that our products are better? If that were the case I’m sure that they would still be available. Companies are greedy, they are motivated by one thing MONEY. If it wasn’t for the EU we would not have regulations pertaining to INGREDIENT LISTING, or ENVIRONMENTAL RESTRICTION. Companies could put whatever they want into a product without having to tell us and they could use as much carbon as they wanted to in the process of making it. They could underpay their staff and treat them like crap and no one could do anything, there wouldn’t be effective unions and you’d have to shut up and like it.

It was the EU that proposed a levy on importing cheap Chinese steel and it was THE CONSERVATIVE government of the UK that vetoed it. Yet Brexiteers are too stubborn to actually see this.

The EU ensures that companies and corporations look after their staff so if a company would rather go to another country as opposed to adopt those principals, let it go. Neither the UK or EU should allow corporations to exist that do not follow the mores that they should. It is with this in mind that we should FORCE our government to close tax-evading loopholes and quash tax havens. Leaving the EU will not do this, it stands to make us vulnerable. We already live in a country where 0 hour contracts are allowed, we already live in a country where people have been laid off only to go back to work on a ‘work based scheme’ as part of their employment programme.

Ian Duncan Smith probably wants to leave the EU because they are now fully aware that the decisions he made as head of the Department of Work and Pensions have led to the death of an unknown number of poor and disabled people. He may be trying to sneak away quietly but we cannot allow him, if we leave the EU they will not be able to pursue him because in our country what he did was legal.

Brexiteers are arguing that immigrants are taking our homes but it is the Olygarchs moving into London that are displacing communities that have existed for generations. It is the demolition of communities for the replacement of luxury apartments that are taking our homes. It’s the bedroom tax that has seen so many people shifted across counties and cities. It has nothing to do with immigration, our country has failed to meet housing quotas for countless years, these quotas would not even exist if it were not for the EU.

£65bn has been withdrawn from London between April and May as the threat of deregulation comes closer. Deregulation can be wonderful for the rich, it can allow for a lot more speculative movement on the open market but it is riskier and with risk comes great cost.

90% of the economics who answered the Ipsos Mori survey said that the economy of the United Kingdom will be negatively affected for the first five years with a further 72% believing we will remain in a negative situation for the following 10-20 years.

World leaders believe that the GDP drop that will follow a Brexit vote will see a reduction in average pay, living and working conditions that we may never recover from. Remember, the global recession happened in 2008 and our country still has not recovered. Look at how many corporations were liquidated due to the corruption of the banking industry not the EU. Look at every government bar Iceland who failed to prosecute the fraudulent bankers or reform the laws for banking. It was our current, British government who failed in this instance, not the EU.

If we isolate ourselves from a union of 28 other countries our Tory government along with their rich puppet-masters will destroy this country for their own gain.

I am not surprised that Ian Duncan-Smith wants to leave the EU, he is wanted for the murder for the people he mistreated through is legislation and policies as leader of the DWP. The EU know this and they are investing him, at the same time our current government is being investigated for election fraud and campaign fraud. Why would anyone allow this country to fall into their hands? Excluding ourselves from the very organisation that is protecting us is completely insane.

It’s obvious that no Brexiteer gives a flying fuck about any British National working or living on the continent, nor do Brexiteers give a fuck about people from elsewhere in the EU who live and work here. Brexit arguments completely contradict one another. They campaign for sovereignty but use NATO as a defence to our place in the world, the UK has over 14,000 sovereignty restricting treaties through NATO, so that makes no sense.

Brexiteers want to ‘save our NHS’ despite a Brexit vote clearly leading the NHS into a privatised destruction. As the desire for ‘free trade’ increases more and more will be sold off until there is nothing left.

Our production didn’t vanish because of immigrants or the EU. The industrial Revolution was a wonderful time for production, people lived in squalor, there was no healthcare, business owners owned the properties their staff lived in and charged them exuberant rent. Children were used as labour and if you weren’t rich, you didn’t matter.

It’s been over 100 years now and we have come along way, during that journey globalisation was realised and other countries realised that they could follow suit of the UK, we led an example that has changed the face of production across the globe. Brexiteers do not want to embrace that, they want to drive their German cars, eat their Turkish food, assemble their Swedish furniture and drink French wine whilst being British and proud at the same time.

Technology has replaced labour all over the world, shall we vote out of using technology? Would that not improve the situation? Shall we remove robots from factories and replace them with people? Because apparently it is foreigners that are ‘taking our jobs’ but the way I see it, it’s technology.

And that’s just it… it’s the 21st century, the world has changed. The video game industry is now the fastest growing industry in the world especially now with virtual reality an ACTUAL reality. For years people have been earning a living by making Youtube videos, people earn a living playing video games, people make a living designing robots or up-cycling furniture. The point is that there are different jobs out there now, I feel a lot of Brexiteers are voting out because they’re now redundant. They left school at 16, worked for thirty years in an unskilled position in a steelworks which allowed them to pay off their £20,000 house bought at a good time. They have a timeshare that they’ll expect to keep after telling Spain to fuck off. They’re proud Brits who think that Torquay is shit and they’re terrified of change. Why so terrified? Because they’re realising just how useless they are and just how irrelevant their small minded, out-of-date, bigoted views are. People are designing apps now, developing robotics and nano-technology. We are seeing great changes in the construction industry and car production. All incorporating technology that some people cannot embrace, they fear it, so they use scapegoats and as a result they have fuelled a hate-filled campaign that makes us look globally stupid.

Brexiteers are throwing away over a hundred years of labourers rising up for fair pay and fair treatment. They are disrespecting anyone who stood in a picket line at a mine, they are mocking unions with the idea that they can go back in time and Llanwern, T-side, Port Talbot, they’ll all re-open their doors and hundreds of proud, white, British geniuses will waltz into the smelting plant and create beautiful British steel that will be lapped up by the world at whatever cost.

That chapter has come and gone, it’s over. Get over it, move on. Learn a new skill.

Brexiteers have told me that if I am confident in ‘the remain’ campaign I shouldn’t have to worry. I am worried, but that’s not why. I’m worried because it is so obvious to see that so many Brexiteers are fuelling their decision with nothing but misguided anger and The Sun. They’ll argue that they have ‘read up on things’ but I am yet to see it, in fact at this late stage in time I am not going to see it. It’s not for a lack of trying either, about ten years ago I would have considered leaving the EU as I felt the same misguided anger as the 40 and over year olds voting out tomorrow. Then I realised, unlike so many Brexiteers what the EU does for us, particularly Wales. I realised that it was about more than politics and trade and the black and white. It is about union, integration, culture, art, science, sports. Look at all you Welsh Brexit voters who are currently loving the fact that Wales has made it to Group B. How can you endorse the Euro Cup and but not the very foundation of what made that game possible?

During my time in Spain I heard white, British old men discussing their hatred for immigrants as they sat there being waited on by Spanish people, in a Spanish Marina in Spain. It drove me mad, these people were completely ignorant of their surroundings. As far as they were concerned the marina was a haven reserved only for the British and the increasing number of Spanish people using the facility was unacceptable. The Brexit campaign has reminded me of those elitist boat owners, happy to take the goods, services and hospitality of another country but would never share the sentiment.

“We could always rejoin” – Why would a Brexiteer say this? Surely they are confident in the success of their campaign? They’re also missing out the minor details such as, it would have to be a unanimous ‘yes’ from all member states, the very states we are threatening to turn our backs on. We would be subject to ‘new membership’ fees and as a new member state we would no longer benefit from the rebates and legislation that are currently in place for our benefit.

Leaving will be an enormous step backwards but at the same time it could be horrendously real. Our children do not need to grow up in a world of sovereignty and selfishness, they should embrace multi-culturalism and diversity, realise that they can work in any country they like, not limit themselves to a job in the town they grew up in. They should be protected against corporate greed and corruption, entitled to the free healthcare that we have all benefited from and they should be able to feel safe wherever they are, without the worry of bigoted xenophobes with their feral hostility.

The only benefit to leaving the EU is that I will forever be able to say ‘I told you so’ – but the ignorance of some is so dense that not even this will be noticed.
Protect the future, vote in.




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