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Why the EU is crucial to Wales

From guest writer Carl Gough Storyteller

To date I’ve refrained from having an EU rant – there’s enough nonsense about it out there I felt. However I’m going to allow myself one day to have a rant because there are so many people I come across who don’t appreciate the genuine benefits of the EU, especially for all of us living in Wales.

So you want to take back control? So you really think that by leaving the EU that you will suddenly be able to have your views reflected in how the UK is run? Hmm, Interesting.

By voting leave, you are saying that you trust our own government to do what’s right – For those of us in Wales, that means you expect Westminster to pass money made available from EU savings onto us to replace the millions upon millions of EU Funds Wales receives every year. I’ve worked for over 10 years in Wales on EU funded programmes that have directly or indirectly benefitted each and every person in Wales and the sad thing is, too many of you don’t realise what you’ve gained from being in the EU.

From Road Infrastructure, to town centre regeneration. From supporting new enterprises and employment, to training courses to help people back into employment. From community housing schemes to community centres and community events. From farming to fisheries. From Parks to Museums and protecting heritage. EU funding has played a major role in some of Wales’ biggest project and regeneration programmes.

The fact that Wales is eligible to receive EU funds shows how bad things got for Wales as only the poorest parts of the EU are eligible. So if you vote out, you better really trust Westminster is going to replace the funding Wales currently receives.

As far as I can tell, this referendum seems to mostly be about immigration and those who want to leave seem to have swallowed the poison and distorted views served up by our sensationalist media. I’ve heard arguments saying Britain is losing its identity – Well GOOD! Because the identity they seem to be clinging to is an outdated backward looking vision of the days of empire. WAKE UP! That identity is long since dead. There is a new identity of Britain emerging, one that embraces diversity, is compassionate and globally responsible. That’s the Britain I identify with! I will not hide the fact that I will be voting remain with every ounce of my being because I know the benefits the EU brings to us. I don’t need to listen to the ridiculous back and forth arguments on TV, entertaining though they may be. I’ve seen the benefits first hand and worked with people whose current circumstances would be far worse if it were not for the EU.

If we are to sever our relationship to our nearest neighbours, then all that we have fought for as a Nation over the last few decades has been for nothing and we run the risk of fading into being an inconsequential island sat on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean like some living museum filled with quaint and quirky traditions.…/19-things-european-funding-d…

All I ask is for people to think independently and not allow yourselves to be spoon fed easy to swallow soundbites. … and that is all I will say on the matter.

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