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The Shonk Guide to Buying Brexit

For all you die-hard patriots

Now that some days have past since 51.9% of the non-disqualifed votes favoured for leave. Here at Shonk HQ we are having a difficult time comprehending the events that have unfolded ever since the announcement of the referendum. However, pragmatic, forward thinking members of both campaigns are now calling for us to unite and work together.

Recently The Shonk has noticed a number of images, slogans and encouraging messages across social media encouraging the population to ‘buy British’ in order to support our currently collapsing economy.

It will be harder than you think, but hopefully this will help.

It will be harder than you think, but hopefully this will help.

In a bit to ’embrace’ anything in this absolute clusterfuck of politics we have compiled a handy list of companies that you should avoid if you wish to honour ‘buying British’. It is buy no means extensive, but you can head over to Companies House and look up ever registered British Company that exists. With regards to PLCs chances are that there are shareholders all over the world so we’ll leave it to you to decide whether or not they are British enough. Also, you must consider that although a company is British, the products that they sell may be brought in from other countries.

Companies that are not British:

Asda (Supermarket Chain): Founded in Leads in 1949 as Assosiated Dairies, Asda is now owned by American Multinational conglomerate and biggest company in the world Wallmart. Sells British & Non British goods.

Aldi (Supermarket Chain): Established in Germany in 1913. Sells British & Non British goods.

Amazon (Online retail): American Corporation established in 1994

Apple (Computers, Electronics): Established in 1976 in California.

Audi (motcars): Founded in Ingolstadt Germany

Axa(Insurance, Health plans): French company since 1817

Banco Santander (Bank): Spanish bank since 1857

BASF (Chemicals): German owned since 1865

Bayer: Pharmaceuticals, German Corporation since 1863

Bosch (Powertools): German owned since 1886

BMW (Motorcars): Founded in Munich in 1916

BP (Oil & Petroleum): Owned by American Multinational Amoco.

Burger King (Fast food outlet): American conglomerate founded 1954

Cadbury’s (Confectionery): Established in Birmingham UK in 1824 now owned by American Conglomerate Mondelez International.

Coty Inc (Cosmetics): American company founded in Paris, owners of Body Care

Credit Suisse (Banking): Founded in Sweden 1856

Danone (Food, dairy, nutrition): Established in 1919 in Paris.

Disney Store: American company and HQ based in US.

Ebay: American owned, established 1995

E.ON (Energy company): German company since 2000

Ericsson (Electronics, Cellphones): Founded in Sweden 1876

Exxon Mobile (Oil & Petroleum): American Conglomerate, owners of Esso.

Facebook (Social Media Site): Established in US in 2004: Subsidaries include Oculus VR, Instagram & Whatsapp.

Fat Face (Clothing & Accessories): Founded in France 1988

Fiat (Motorcars): Italian owned since 1899

Ford (Motorcars): Founded in Michigan in 1903

Gap (Clothing): Founded in US 1969

General Mills (See diagram for brands): American Multinational.

Gulf Oils (Oil & Petroleum):   Multinational.

H&M (Clothing & Accesories): Swedish company founded in 1947

Heineken (Beer): Founded in The Netherlands 1864

Hoffman-La-Roche: Pharmaceuticals Switzerland Corporation since 1896

Ikea (Furniture): Swedish company, founded 1943

Kelloggs (Cereal, see diagram for brands): An American conglomerate.

KFC (Fast food outlet): American corporation founded 1930

Land Rover (Motorcars): Established in 1924 in Whitley, Coventry. Now owned by Indian motorcar company Tata motors.

Lidl (Supermarket chain): Established in Germany in 1930. Sells British & Non British goods.

Kinder (Confectionery): Italian owned, German produced.

Jaguar (Motorcars): Established in 1922 in Blackpool and now owned by Indian motorcar company Tata Motors.

Mosanto (Chemicals & Death): (be wary of local produce using foreign pesticides) American conglomerate founded in 1901.

Mars Corp (See list of brands): Established in 1911 in US – owns Wrigley.

Michelin (Tyres): Founded in France 1889

Microsoft (software): Founded in 1975 in New Mexico, US. A global corporation.

New Look (clothing & Accessories): South African owned by Brait SA

Nestle (See diagram for brands): Established in Switzerland in 1905

Nokia (Electronics,Tech): Finnish company since 1871

Orange (Telecommunications): French owned (owned by French Government & people) founded 1988

Novartis (pharmaceutical): Switzerland company since 1996

O2 (Telecommunications): Owned by Spanish firm Telefonica.

Pepsico (See diagram for brands): Established in US in 1999.

Perfume Shop, The (Perfumes, cosmetics): Owned by Hong Kong Corporation AS Watson

Philips (Tech,electronics): Founded Netherlands 1891

Pizza Hut (Pizzas,obviously): American multinational founded 1958

Primark (Clothing & Assessories): Established in ROI, operates across Europe.

Renault (Motorcars): French company since 1899

Siemens (Engineering, Tech): German owned since 1847

Shell Oil (Oil & Petroleum): Established in The Phillipines.

Smyths (Toys): Formed in R.O.I

Sony (Electronics, entertainment, technology, gaming): Japanese Multinational

Starbucks (Really bitter coffee): American owned, established 1971

Super Drug: Owned by Hong Kong Corporation AS Watson.

Thorntons (confectionery): Owned by Italian Firm Ferrero, makers of Forrero Roche.

TK Maxx (clothing, lifestyle,living): American Conglomerate, operates across Europe.

Toshiba (Technology, electronics): Japanese Corporation

Total (Oils & Petroleum): French owned since 1924

Toys R Us (Toy retail outlet): American Conglomerate

Twitter (Social media site): Established in 2006 in US.

Unilever (See diagram): Established in London, Rotterdam and Netherlands.

Veolia (Enrivornmental, trasport,technology): Founded in France 1853

Volkswagon (Motorcars): German company since 1937

Volvo (Motorcars): Founded in Sweden 1927

White Stuff (Fashion & Lifestyle): Founded in France 1985

Youtube (Online video sharing site): Established in US in 2005.

Zurich Insurance: Switzerland company since 1872

Please feel free to comment or email along any other companies that you can think of for this list. We feel that the people out there claiming to buy British and urging others to do the same need to be aware of who owns what in order to make sure that they can avoid them. I for one feel terrible when I see someone in Lidl who is besides themselves emotionally because of the non-British products they are purchasing. You can see how much it pains them, despite low costs, despite them employing local people, despite the convenience of being able to park so closely and to buy everything under one roof it must be traumatising.
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