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Welsh Finance Minister Makes Urgent Plea!

Welsh Advised to 'car boot' everything in order to fill EU funding deficit

Welsh Finance Minister Jane Hutt (or ‘sorry page cannot be found’) is urging every Welsh citizen and resident to attend the Coleford car Boot Sale this Sunday to sell EVERYTHING that Wales owns in order to make up for the financial shortfall as a result of leaving the EU.

Jane Hutt was heard today making a statement outside Cash Generator on City Road in Cardiff:

“I urge Welsh citizens not to pawn their items to companies who pay you bugger all and re-sell them for a shitload. I implore every Welsh Resident to attend Coleford car boot sale this weekend and take literally everything with them. Anything that isn’t screwed down and if it is, try and uproot it without doing too much damage as we need to make as much cash as possible. I’m talking tellies, I’m talking laptops, I’m talking lawnmowers, figurines of Welsh miners, the works…”

This is the closest thing to a strategy that has been proposed since the result of the referendum announcing that Britain should leave the EU and then stare at the sky for a while and having a little think about the future.

The Welsh Assembly Government is planning on using all of the money raised to help sustain projects in Wales which are currently benefitting from EU funding. This includes organisations that provide funding to social and community enterprises.

Here are some of the organisations that are likely to be affected, most but not all will be seriously financially jeopardized as they rely heavily on EU funding. Others will likely have their European operations and relationships compromised as a result of Brexit. By selling everything we don’t need we can help protect these organisations:

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust

The Princes Trust

Business in Focus

Wales’ Business Fund

Farming Connect

Kite Project

The Welsh Government Rural Communities Programme

The A465 Project

Welsh Council for Voluntary Action


Social Firms Wales

Business Crime Wales

Business Wales


Expertise Wales

Jobs Growth Wales


Every single County Council and Housing Assosication will be affected, cuts are anticipated and the environmental and building legislation set-out by the EU, the likes of which has seen Housing Associations properties being revamped with insulation, double glazing, solar panels, new boilers and new windows may no longer apply. This may lead to a more relaxed approach to legislation with regards to building control and environmental issues. Landlords and Housing Associations may not be as obligated to maintain and update a property now that we have left the EU. If you click here and have a look on the right hand side you can download Monmouthshire Housing Association Reports to get an idea of what they must do in order to comply with the legislation that will now cease.

We also look to lose access to the EU Research & Innovation Fund, The European Regional Development Fund, The European Network for Rural Development, Horizon 2020 and possibly the Erasmus scheme.

It is estimated that between 653 and 747 million euros has been invested exclusively into Wales per annum divided into far more organisations than our little list above. Bare in mind that countless charities, social enterprises, community groups and voluntary groups rely on capitol and revenue funding from funding bodies who access these EU funds.


Coleford car boot sale starts at 6am and costs £5 per car, vans may vary. Jane Hutt and Carwyn Jones will be coming around in red and green vizzy vests to collect the contributions.




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