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Brock the Rapist Turner is a Rapist

Judge Aaron Rape-loving Turner is a Rapist

This is Brock, he is a rapist.

Following the release of Brock (the rapist) Turner, the new spokesperson for white privilege, The Chief of the International Dictionary and Word Definition Agency (IDWDA) Sir. Brian Lexica announced that the Organisation would be looking to completely change the word rape in all dictionaries, replacing it with the word Brock. You can also include entire phrases for instance ‘Brock the rapist’ still means rapist, but it reminds us that if you are a white, young, wealthy swimmer (which is how Brock the rapist refers to his sperm) it’s okay.

The decision comes after Brock Turner was released yesterday after serving just three months of a six month prison sentence after he sexually assaulted and raped an unconscious female human person behind a bin.

He obtained an unconscious female, got her out to an alleyway and started doing what he wanted to her, until he was caught by a group of men who had to fight him off of her.

The Judge, I’m assuming was new to his post and doesn’t fully understand justice and the purpose of having a judicial system because his reasoning was that BROCK THE RAPIST was bright and had a bright future in store, he is an able swimmer when he isn’t out RAPING and by punishing him for being a RAPIST he would probably struggle in the future to be a successful white, elitist RAPIST.

In my opinion the Judge is now an accessory to the crime because failing to see that justice is carried out is just as bad as the initial crime.

You see Brock the Rapist by attacking and molesting that poor, defenseless young woman who I guess wasn’t white, rich and talented enough to warrant justice you have really brought the message home that in America, anything can happen. Anything goes, for as long as you’re not black, or ethnic of any kind, or poor, or not heterosexual, or female it seems, you’ll be okay.

Brock the Rapist can now continue his life, pursuing his dreams as a swimmer and casual rapist safe in the knowledge that his father will be stood there, just behind him, watching his son rape and hovering his finger over the number of his solicitor. Maybe they rape together, a real father and son bonding experience.

“You see son, I was a swimmer once like yourself, but to really succeed at flapping about in a pool you need to get out there and rape, it really helped improve my game” – Brock the Rapists father probably said at some stage.


The point is Brock The Rapist and Judge Aaron Rape Loving Perksy – You are both disgusting excuses for human beings. Your life should be and hopefully will be ruined Brock the rapist. If it isn’t then you have not learnt your lesson have you? As for you Judge Aaron Rape loving Perksy I genuinely hope that one day you are walking home from work or wherever and before you know it you are behind a bin having your prostate tickled by a member of the swimming team you love so much. I hope that you lie there as Brock the Rapist rapes the unholy shit out of you. Because afterwards, when you are lying there, all violated, scared, heartbroken, traumatised, shocked, in agony, you will come to realise that no one will come to your aid because YOU FUCKING KNEW HE WAS RAPEY AND YOU DID NOTHING ABOUT IT.

I hope that Brock the Rapist Turner is the reason for the end of your career as a judge, you are clearly incapable of assessing punishments. It’ll be interesting to see how many people Aaron has locked up for possession of a ten bag. A HUNDRED YEARS IN JAIL YOU FILTHY DRUGGIE – But for my main man Brock the rapist Turner who was just having a bit of fun with an unconscious human, shit son, three months for you because I’m secretly sucking off your dad.

Imagine if Brock the Rapist Turner had been black, or Mexican, or just not white, or not rich, or not a good swimmer. Then what? I bet we would never see him again apart from the news story in a few years time where he has been killed in prison with a biro.

We must not forget Brock the Rapist Turner, it’s very important to remind the world that he is a rapist and he has not served any justice whatsoever.


We won’t forget you Brock the Rapist Turner or Judge Aaron Dildo up my Arse from any white guy who wants me to save his rapey son Perksy. 

Now, The Independent argues that the charge of rape was dropped in an earlier hearing, meaning that his punishment was for ‘lesser’ crimes; intent to rape, sexual assault, that sort of thing. That’s all well and good Independent, semantically speaking. All very quick on the semantics there aren’t you, clever Newspaper.

So you’re saying that 3 months was enough for ‘intent to rape’ and ‘sexual assault’ – you’re saying that finger fucking an unconscious person is more okay, more ethical than full on rape? I don’t want to go down the route of Minority Report (I guess neither does the states, haha) but if I burnt down half of the Independent’s office, I wouldn’t be charged with ‘intent for burning down an entire building but actually sentenced to less time because part of the building is still there’ would I? Independent? Hmm. No.

So by all means you can argue the tiny details like whether or not his tiny, elitist dick was anywhere near the victim, or whether as he ran his gross fingers over her skin, or forced his hands into her pants he considered what time to go to training the next day, maybe he was thinking about changing his diet to improve his abilities, as he licked and groped someone who did not want to be there.

Brock the Rapist Turner

Brock the Rapist Turner

Brock the Rapist Turner

Brock the Rapist Turner

Brock the Rapist Turner

Brock the Rapist Turner

Brock the Rapist Turner

Brock the Rapist Turner

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