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The Shonk considers itself to be a cross between a liberal ranting platform and a place for progressive news and views. We also welcome articles pertaining to music, film, technology, hobbies, interests and just about anything you can think of.

We welcome progressive thinkers who, like us believe in positivity. We are the people who know that the way of the world needs to be changed, that an enlightenment must come, where people need to think and work together positivily to make a change for the better. Future generations and the only planet that we can live on need us to change the way we live. To realise that it isn’t about us, that what we have is bigger than corrupt politics, corporations and ‘the man’. We understand that parasitic minds have no place for moulding the future. That racism, xenophobia, hatred, greed, corruption and murder are not welcome within our ideal.

For too long humanity has excelled at passing blame, denying truths and oppressing the poor and the vulnerable, in the name of money, in the name of war, in the name of inflicting pain upon millions and millions of people. The exploitation of one human by another is as common as seeing street lights.

We call upon the millenial generation, for it is you that must shape the world now, before it is too late to rise up in solidatiry and rid this patriarchal, money driven society of pigs from the world. Do not let smallminded bigots interfere with your agenda to improve the world.

Video games such as Fable show us that living a pure and honest life is a longer more arduous path than that of the corrupt. For them riches come easily but at the cost of moral bankruptcy. These people will destroy themselves whilst we are still fighting strong, using love, unification and compassion as our tools.

If you would like to join The Shonk and become a contributor you are more than welcome, you can contact us with the email address below, message us on Facebook or send us a Tweet @theshonkuk.

We assure you that anything you do contribute will always remain your property, we will never keep an article live if it is against your wishes. We admit from the start that we are unable to pay our writers for their contributions (hence why we can’t claim ownership). This site is self-funded by its co-creators and despite our attempts to allow it to generate income it does mean that we would have to shake the hand of the very corporations we try to steer away from.

Any money donated through our donation button (£0.00p to date) will only ever exclusively be used to fund this very website. We don’t have expense accounts, it won’t be funding our lattes or our parking fees, it will be keeping this site alive.

The Shonk was created as a voice for the people who were tired of failing systems and our ever developing marxist dystopia in which we live. We do not know what the future holds but we hope that, with you it will be a wonderful place.

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