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A Word from Mr Shonk

Dear visitor,

I would like to extend a proverbial handshake to you for finding this website. For over one decade The Shonk family has worked tirelessly to promote positivity, enlightenment and change through the written word.
We are a family of frustrated individuals who want to encourage positive change in the world that we live in. Collectively we feel that apathy has been encouraged by those above us and now it’s time to break through and say ‘no actually, we’re not happy about this at all’.

Rest assured though because The Shonk family also understands a need for good news, lighthearted topics, even fiction because we know that without balance everything can turn to darkness and that is not what we believe in.

Mr. Shonk senior wanted to create an open and inviting place where anyone can hash out their frustrations, or report on something important to them. We actively encourage writing with passion and heart because that is the truest form of writing. As Uncle Shonk says on a daily basis ‘Don’t get it right, get it written’. (Which is why we have a researcher in the family too).

So please, I implore you to browse through our ever growing site and see if it fills you with inspiration, constructive anger or marshmallow. Remember that if the furnace of your mind starts grumbling into overdrive you are always and I mean¬†always¬†welcome to send in your rants, pieces, articles, poems, stories etc… to The Shonk Family where we will share it and look after it for you.

As a final note I would also like to remind you that any pieces of literature on this site will remain property of the original author and can be removed by the original author without any quibbles.

Welcome to the family, we hope to see more of you.
Kind regards,
Mr. J.D.P Shonk