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Created in 2010 in The University of South Wales, Newport. The Shonk consists of an ever growing team of liberal and progressive thinkers with a positive mental attitude with no time or tollerance for unreasonable bigots, promotors of hatred and corruption. We believe for humanity to succeed and thrive on our home planet we must change our way of lives. We understand that it is up to the new generation to stand up to the repeatedly failing system that poorly operates across our planet. The need and desire for more and more wealth, the allowed exploitation and oppression of the poor and vulnerable, the allowance for religion to dominate a world of logic and reason. The ease in which greed warps the minds of those elected to represent us is not acceptable and must end. The corporations who dictate our lives with their products and employment, who skip taxes and underpay staff in the name of profit. This too, must end.

When you look at a child, imagine the future, imagine a world governed by fear, where you are expected to work for free. Imagine a world where it costs more than you could ever hope to earn just for your own healthcare. A world of smog and stench as corporations belch perpetual fumes into the atmosphere, scarring and killing the only planet on which we can live.

A world where people live under constant fear in a divided marxist dystopia. The poor sustaining the rich so that they can drain resources that belong to us all.

If that sounds acceptable, this is not the place for you. We deny this future and we will not stand for it.

Meet the team:

Writer: Dukeofearl
Human name: Jacob Powell
Location: South Wales, United Kingdom

Hello everyone, I’m one of the founders and co-creators of The Shonk along with my good friend Agent X. I have many, many interests which is reflected in my articles. Music, truth and a better future are what motivate me. I enjoy being a part of my local community and working with the people around me to improve our lives.


Writer: Agent X
Human name: David Phillips
Location: Shropshire, United Kingdom

“Awaiting words”


Writer: HowardBeale
Human name:
Location: South Wales

“Awaiting words”

Writer: Meowcat
Human name:
Location:  South Wales

“Awaiting words”
Writer: Cris Watkins
Human name: Crispin Watkins
Location: South Wales, United Kingdom

“Awaiting words”


Mentioned Humans:

Clemfandango – Fellow gig goer and music critic

Syjay – Lifelong friend and musical influence

The Duchess – Duke’s fair maiden

Mr Pokeylope – lifelong friend and fellow computer gamer

The Maternal Unit – Duke’s mother



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