I’ve caught these guys twice now and both times I could leave afterwards under the assumption that they’re the headline act. Their music is outstanding, it takes you on an exciting journey that unwinds in your brainhead like a music video. Their sound is dominating and a weird kind of unnerving, not unsettling but something just below the surface, they lure it out of you and you envisage the whole trip.

When I saw them open for Tera Melos a little while back I pictured a steam train traveling through a lush green valley, rocketing through forests and around mountains, the sound conjured a very natural and rolling terrain that this very mechanical, relentless locomotive that passes over it with ease.

This evening the journey went through a more urban space, like the loomy dream scenes in Brazil, littered roads, drowned in neon and fog, like a John Carpenter film but with a Port Talbot steel works backdrop. There was the occasional beam of sunlight and clear sky, brought in by the beautifully warm tone of the guitar but these moments were fleeting as I was taken down a dark alley, claustrophobic with fire-escapes, furnace flus and filthy windows… was my deep-set unconscious ‘stuff’ beginning to surface through some magical urban journey created by instruments? I hoped so.

After the gig the drummer helped me out with a lighter (even offered a Rizla but I was saved by a man with a bike) I told him I went on a journey, he liked that. They seem like very nice people and I certainly advised you go see them.

  • DukeOfEarl

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