Shonkphonics is the name of our micro-label based in Newport South Wales, comprising of DIY punk bands and art movements in the area – Our roster is available to listen to on BANDCAMP.

These include active acts such as;

Black Wesker – Power trio, eco-punks creating irreverent tunes with serious messages about the demise of our environment. Inspired by their love of punk, rock and roll, jazz and psych the trio cite bands such as; Half Man Half Biscuit, Ween, Dead Kennedys, The Jimmy Hendrix Experience, Cardiacs and…

Bosch – One of Newport’s longest running artistic collectives, dadaists of devilment and roguery. Creating beautiful yet disturbing soundscapes about the potential future of music.

The Good Mournings – An industrial punk / drone trio creating dissonant, meandering guitar chaos. Poetic abstract lyrics and vocals that stray between Ian Curtis and Mark E. Smith

The Holistic House Band – The Shonk’s resident freeform / improv band. Consisting of members of all rostered bands, new and defunct.

Moush – The full band of Ginger Moush. A surrealist South Wales music creator working from a bedroom.

Space Cat – A husband and wife team creating dreamy, spatial tunes about cats exploring space.

Seaside Witch Coven – Wall of sound punk rock stoner grunge wasteman chaos. Power trio. Out there somewhere.

Defunct acts include:

Goom – Illustrator and music creator from Newport, now in the band Parcs.

Outgroan – Two piece band created and disbanded within 24 hours. Only available in live videos on Youtube.

Monics – Aggressive artsy punk stuff inspired by Death Grips. Available to see online or on The Shonk Cassette.

Mild Cases – Experimental stark duo formed during the lockdown for the production of one lockdown themed EP. Available on CD and Bandcamp.