Shonkphonics is the name of our micro-label based in Newport South Wales, comprising of DIY punk bands and art movements in the area – Our roster is available to listen to on BANDCAMP.

These include active acts such as;

Black Wesker – Power trio, eco-punks creating irreverent tunes with serious messages about the demise of our environment

The Good Mournings – An industrial punk / drone trio creating dissonant, meandering guitar chaos. Poetic abstract lyrics and vocals that stray between Ian Curtis and Mark E. Smith

Moush – Previously Ginger Moush. A trio led by Ginger Moush and produced by Tech Moush. Creating zany, outsider tunes from their home studio.

Space Cat – A husband and wife team creating dreamy, spatial tunes about cats exploring space.

Bosch – One of Newport’s longest running artistic collectives, dadaists of devilment and roguery. Creating beautiful yet disturbing soundscapes about the potential future of music.

Seaside Witch Coven – Wall of sound punk rock stoner grunge wasteman chaos. Power trio. Out there somewhere

The Holistic House Band – The Shonk’s resident freeform / improv band. Consisting of members of all rostered bands, new and defunct.

Defunct acts include:

Goom – Illustrator and music creator from Newport, now in the band Parcs.

Outgroan – Two piece band created and disbanded within 24 hours. Only available in live videos on Youtube.

Monics – Aggressive artsy punk stuff inspired by Death Grips. Available to see online.

Mild Cases – Experimental stark duo formed during the lockdown for the production of one lockdown themed EP. Available on CD and Bandcamp.