The refurbishment of The Shonk Towers has been long and arduous since requisitioning the building back from The Hoozman Corporation. However we recently unveiled a long forgotten room, the doors having been blocked by vending machines. Within this room we have found stacks of boxes containing many delightful Shonk themed trinkets, all of which are very dusty but still new and unused.

After some consideration we have decided to be listing these items for sale in the hope that you dear readers may wish to further your enthusiasm for The Shonk by adding one of these objects to your home or daily lives. At this point we do not wish to unveil what any of the items are but know that once Mrs. Swin has finished cleaning all of the items they will become readily available.

In turn we hope to use the funds gained to complete the restoration of our dearly beloved building and if ever possible update our archaic in house technology. But as the old saying goes, dilapidated printing facilities weren’t restored in a day!