The Shonk Towers is fitted with two efficient means of communication, first is our vacuum tube system which we use to send internal messages, information and sandwiches to one another. It’s also our lifeline between The Great John Shonk who resides in the penthouse, although there is a single golden tube from his office to the office of Arbiter Titan that no one else can use.

Our second system is the new Minitel electronic communication system that we have recently had installed to bring us firmly into the 21st century. This allows us to send messages via wires and screens instantly. Our tech team have been allocated some sunshine time in the car park as a reward for creating us little electronic addresses that you can use to send us words and information.

We are always keen to hear from the outside world as we get ever so lonely here at TST. Below is our directory of contact:

For management concerns & queries including impending gigs or something you’d like us to be present at please contact our glorious arbiter: ARBITERTITAN@THESHONK.CO.UK

To contact members of our journalist team for any reason their addresses are:,,

(to contact Asian Allan please contact DOE as AA can’t be trusted with anything)

If you’d like to send us something to listen to (this does occasionally happen) please contact any of the above addresses and we will get back to you with information on sending items to The Shonk Towers. Please note: We never ask anyone to send us anything, bands and performers do offer and we gladly accept things to listen to and talk about.