Black Wesker comprise a fusion of punk, indie and jazz with improvisation and stylistic changes that subvert the expecations of audiences and regular viewers. The band has developed a reputation for playing their songs in significantly different ways seemingly effortlessly.


Fronted by singer / song-writer Moush, the band cover a wide range of critical global issues such as The Nestle Water Crisis, deforestation, soil degregation and Mark Lamarr.

The band draw heavily from their love of Half Man Half Biscuit, Ween, Cardiacs, Jimmy Hendrix and Dead Kennedys as the building blocks for their songs but these are likely to change over time and depend heavily on whatever the band is listening to at the time.

The band has so far recorded and released three EPs that have been recorded and produced by a combination of Dave Draper (Glitchers, The Wildhearts) and Al Wilson of Western Star (Cowboy & The Corpse, The Tea Chest Tapes, Jack Rabbit Slim)

The band comprises three lifelong friends who combined have over twenty years of musical experience, european tours, soundsystem setups and promotion. A former chef, a crippled chimney sweep and a carpenter, all combined to create exciting music.

All of the music is available on good streaming services (with exception to Israel) and available on Bandcamp at pay what you feel. Fans can also request a combination of all EPs on a variety of formats: CD, Tape, Minidisc and 8-track.

The band’s name is taken from a combination of Black Mesa and Albert Wesker and a nod to the late, great Lance Reddick who portrayed Albert Wesker in the Resident Evil series. The Berkano rune is the symbol which represents the band, laid on its side for maximum comfort.

The band are very keen to play, especially in Wales. Black Wesker can provide full back-line, PA and audio support at any gig and are often very happy for other bands to use their equipment. They’ve played alongside Hung Like Henratty, Rock Foxes, Spunday, We The Sun and Epileptic Lizards.

The band can be booked via email: or contact them through Facebook.