It feels like forever since I had my face melted off by the intense-soup starter that was Lacertilia, leading up to my main course which was a joint of Weedeater with a side of Jim Bean, saliva and sweat. Shit, it’s actually almost two years since that night and a lot has happened in the meantime, you can read about that night HERE and enjoy the usual ropey live footage!

In that time Lacertilia have also been very busy, bringing walls down and shaking the bones of their audiences with their incredible blend of psychedelia infused proto-punk metal, rock hardcore doom sludge. Fuck man, when you think about it trying to coin all these genres and sub-genres is just too, clinical, so let’s ditch it.

What you need to know is that on the 9th of this month Lacertilia are releasing a new album, it’s called Calling The Quarters and if you like any of the aforementioned types of music you will want to hear it. If you like sitting down to listen to something and then drifting off into some sort of fugue state where you’re zooming across space and traversing the non-tangible plain that exists above us, you will want to listen to it.

Maybe, like me you put the album on for a good listen, you crank it right up and by the end of it you have sorted all your tax return documents and tidied your desk area for the first time this year – it’s incredible how motivating core-shaking guttural journeys through time and space can be.

Remember, it’s out 9/5/2020!

‘Oh, but Duke, which tunes should I focus on, what say you of the particular solo in track three for example?’  – Well my wonderful readers, track three is called Furthur and it makes me think of desert roads, sketchy gas stations in the middle of nowhere, doing peyote with guys in bright suits only to find that they’ve robbed me afterwards. Why? I don’t know, but it does.


From start to finish the entire album is a balls-to-the-walls rollercoaster, wall-of-death experience, other than the gaps between tracks there are seldom spaces to catch your breath, but it doesn’t feel disproportionate, anyone who goes into this album expecting it to be forgiving really need to assess their understanding of music. You do what it tells you, it’s that simple.

Time loses all meaning, some tracks feel like they’re thirty seconds long and others stretch out for days, magnificent and full opuses that makes me wonder how the band has enough collective stamina to get to the end, only to be reminded it’s because they’re fucking awesome.

This album is out on the 9/5/2020!

I’ve seen those reviews out there where people talk about a handful of tracks specifically, they break them down and tell you what the components are and what they do, or who they sound like. What’s the point? Don’t take my word for it, get it, play it and love it. Get your own images, your own at-home dance moves, decipher the words as you think they sound, sing or scream them rightly or wrongly! It’s there to be enjoyed!

It’s a well produced, self-contained adventure traversing the rock-music terrain – I will say that I think it beautifully captures the Welsh love for all things metal, doom, stoner and punk, after all they are the four musical elements of South Wales that have stood the test of time. It takes me right back to the time I saw them perform but not in a way that suggest that I have heard it before.

The art work is magical and credit to HeadBang Design is due!

All required links to the band are here:

Album is out 9/5/2020!



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