You'll Never Be Phil Collins

The Shonk just love it when our Canadian Ambassadors come over to party with us and play us their wonderful anti-folk, indie narrative, stream of consciousness, nostalgia-rap! (By our standards is a genre that Mathias has invented).

We first met these guys in the Clwb Ifor Bach about 4/5 years ago, Mathias & Ariel had braved the trip alone to carry out a sort of recognisance tour before decided whether or not it was saw to return with the band. It’s nice that despite meeting Duke and listening to him witter on about rubbish they DID decide to come back regardless.

Since discovering these guys through the ever-wise recommendations of DukeofMum (Duke’s mum) we have travelled to see them no less than… 5 times! (with at least one time being a disaster due to the car melting).

The Burning Hell straight up is a misleading band name, it brings to mind some kind of metal or shouty band that detests the government or smites religion. But be fooled not fellow Shonkers, The Burning Hell are lovely and soft, like rebellious kittens who’ve been locked in a craft brewery for a weekend. There’s anarchy in those lyrics, but there’s also apathy, Mathias’ ability to project the message ‘be livid, but manage your expectations and have a good time’ provides you with well-balanced music that doesn’t send you into a raging tizzy where you want to push over post boxes and yell at PCSOs and it doesn’t make you think ‘what’s the point in anything’ but rather, ‘yeah fuck the government! Isn’t love great?’

The Burning Hell are fun, super mega awesome fun, the gigs are chill and it feels like everyone is very much together and on the same page. Mathias will put the RAP into rapour at any show with totally non-awkward witticism and responses to what is usually top notch heckles. You just want to take him home and keep him!

Examples of niceosity demonstrated by this band are: allowing me to buy them beer and talk rubbish upon first meeting, signing my first purchase from them, phoning up and speaking to my mum who couldn’t make the show as she was ill. Playing my all time favourite tune not once but TWICE (one time on my birthday!) Ooh and they signed my parking ticket when I didn’t have the right pen for anything else!

Now for a band of super popular, super attractive Canadian rock-stars you wouldn’t expect that level of generosity,  not because of their status but because they’re massively popular and there’s a lot of people to get through, but these guys display it always, there’s no shortage of stories illustrating how wonderful The Burning Hell is to their fans it is a wonderful thing to witness and experience.

If you ever have the chance to come and see this band we implore you to, there will be plenty of songs with delightfully peculiar references to things that you’ll say ‘ooh I know that’ or ‘ooh that happened to me’ – whether it’s about going to the arcade as a kid, attempting something impossible, going to a library, giving up or abandoning the clergy for a life-changing risky escape from crime-lords there is something to relate to and connect with in their songs.

You’ll be able to witness the wonderful jazz-stick playing of Ariel Sharratt, the luscious guitar licks of Darren Browne, the chocolately goodness of Nick Ferrio’s bass caressing and the inner-workings of my all time favourite bearded Canadian man’s mind Mathias Kom. Sadly their drummer went on to do other things (like I don’t know, drum?) elsewhere so now they take it in turns which adds a very exciting new layer to their live sets; the live drumming change around (go see it for yourself).

In the meantime watch our video, listen to their stuff, buy it, buy T-shirts, fly to Canada, track ’em down, give them gifts – they’re the best. They have an upcoming UK tour and yes, we will be there!


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Duke Of Earl was carried across from the corporate takeover in 2009, he was allowed to continue a service to The Shonk as a holistic journalist but was disavowed as Arbiter due to shenanigans.


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