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Exchange in Bristol, or The Exchange as it’s come to be known at Shonk Towers (or The Shonk Towers) has proved in recent months to be a wonderfully enjoyable venue. We often frequent to Bristol and this is certainly one of our top visited places to see live music! Not only, for us at least are the performances within our remit of musical splendour but we also enjoy the atmosphere of the place.

Located in Old Market next to The Stag & Hounds (another place we love) Exchange offers everything a music lover could want from live shows to an in-house record store and cafe bar! You could easily spend a day there (and we have) completely absorbed in coffee, cake, crate-digging and a little dance in the evening to a great band.

The staff are lovely and the sound-guy knows what he is doing, there’s always a very full sound and the stage is of a good size. Andrew Hung, Spratley Japs & The Lovely Eggs remain some of the greatest nights that we’ve enjoyed and they have taken place at Exchange. Not to mention our fantastic and musically overwhelming day at the Triptych all-dayer between Exchange and the aforementioned Stag & Hounds.

So if you get chance do pop in and have a root through their records, get a ticket to a show, enjoy some food and a nice drink, there’s lots of seating outside to watch the world go by and to casually earwig on other people’s often colourful conversations!

Exchange videos:

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